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Sorry I have been out of touch since I left for Korea. I’m sure you already know the results, but let me fill you in on what went on during the Olympic month!

I went into the games wearing the number 1 Bib. Of course, people kept asking me if that made the pressure higher than it already is for the Olympics, but I kept saying it helped my confidence. I stand by that and believe that I was more confident wearing that number one bib because I know I had the potential to Win. After my first qualifications run I was in 5th place and had the opportunity to take part in opening ceremonies that night.

Opening Ceremonies were definitely a highlight of the Olympics. It was truly incredible walking into the stadium behind the flag with all of Team USA. You could feel the excitement and the buildup of the games as we stormed through the stadium. Walking through the arena with so many incredible athletes who have all dedicated their lives to be here was so inspiring and motivating!

Finals came a day later. I skied my first finals run (top 12 advance) and went into 2nd position. I was moving up and was fired up for the next round of 12. Unfortunately, I made some minor mistakes in my run. Standing at the bottom, waiting for my score I knew I had made a mistake but I was still confident I would advance to the final round (Top 6). My score was announced and I was in 6th place with one girl left to ski. The previous Gold Medalist. I knew that was it, my Olympic experience was over. My heart dropped and I felt sick. Not getting that one last run, one final shot at the podium was nauseating and heartbreaking. Looking back up at course I wanted more, more than anything I wanted that final run to put everything on the line, but I didn’t get it. That was the hardest part, the one thing I struggled to move past. Knowing it was over and I didn’t get to put up a fight…

I tried to look from a different perspective. My mom asked later that night if I was doing okay and I told her “I just got 7th at the Olympics and that’s really cool!” As heartbroken as I was, I had a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. I just competed in the Olympics (accomplishing a huge goal!!) and was hanging in Korea with my Family and friends who came all the way here to cheer me on! Of course, I knew I could have done better, I still achieved a lot and learned so much about myself. If someone had told me I would have finished 7th a few months ago, I would have been stoked! A few years ago, I was aiming for the 2022 Olympics and didn’t think that I would ever be at the 2018 Olympics. I am hungrier than ever for the next Olympics and know what I need to do to prepare over the next 4 years. These Olympics were not the end of the World, the end of my career or even the end of this season. I still have a lot left to accomplish and am looking forward to it!

Since our event finished early in the Games, we were able to hang around be spectators for the rest of the month! I went to as many events as I could and took in the whole experience! It was so cool to watch other Team USA members go for Gold and put their hearts on the line. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and am so thankful I was able to enjoy it all!


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